Bodybuilding – Developing Killer Motivation

How can you develop the unstoppable motivation of pro bodybuilders?

Bodybuilding is anything but easy. To say that anyone can succeed with bodybuilding is a myth because not everyone has the genes and more importantly, the motivation to succeed in this type of sport/physical activity.

It’s not enough to have the height advantage or naturally large muscle cells to succeed in bodybuilding. You need the steel-clad motivation and willpower to sustain the effort.

Without these two elements, you’re not going to last very long. I’ve seen many promising bodybuilders eventually quit because they could no longer find satisfaction or meaning in what they did.

When a budding bodybuilder with lots of potential, quits weightlifting for good, we feel it’s a loss for the bodybuilding world in general. Why? Because not a lot of people go into bodybuilding in the first place.

The world of modern bodybuilding will only progress and evolve if each succeeding generation is interested in investing a tremendous amount of personal resources in it.

So if you need motivation or if you need a reason to sustain your active bodybuilding, here are some gems worth remembering:

1. Bodybuilding is Healthy


We live in an increasingly sedentary world. Modern life has taught a lot of people that staying indoors is the way to go and exercise should be avoided.

This has resulted in the tripling or sometimes even quadrupling of certain diseases in different parts of the world.

The medical establishment has long prescribed regular exercise and physical activity to combat disease.

Metabolic syndrome, which is the precursor of high cholesterol, elevated blood glucose levels and high blood pressure, can be remedied through regular exercise.

How about just medication for blood pressure, etc.?

Yes, there are medications for certain diseases. But in the majority of cases, the main cause of these common degenerative diseases is a person’s lifestyle.

Heart disease has been on the rise since the late seventies. Weight lifting and resistance training in general has been proven to be very beneficial to individuals who need to strengthen their cardiovascular system.

Resistance training doesn’t just keep your heart rate up – it also opens up blood vessels and encourages the development of more arteries and veins in your body.

2. Bodybuilding Instills Discipline


If you find it amazing that some bodybuilders have 21-inch biceps, you would be even more amazed at the level of discipline these bodybuilders have, just to build their biceps up to that size.

Bodybuilding instills extreme physical and mental discipline. This discipline usually extends to every aspect of a bodybuilder’s life from the way he takes care of his family to how he approaches his day job.

As long as you focus on bodybuilding itself and the tremendous effort needed to get ideal results, you’re going to develop the steely discipline of professional bodybuilders – and you’re going to love how it changes your view of life, too!

3. Bodybuilding Makes You Competitive

Professional bodybuilders are known for being very quiet and low-key about their training regimens. This humility doesn’t mean they’re “pushovers.” Despite the general humility of many pro bodybuilders, the majority of them are extremely competitive and they live and breathe the sport, day in and day out.

Again, this essential change in a bodybuilder’s mindset can be beneficial to anyone. Being competitive is a good thing! It keeps you on your toes and teaches you never to rest on your laurels. Competitiveness also makes it possible for people to step out of their comfort zones more easily.

Competitiveness also helps develop positive thinking.


Esteemed bodybuilders have all experienced defeat one way or another. Did they let defeat stop them? The majority never stopped trying!

When you’re capable of hitting the irons repeatedly and sacrificing your time and energy for high standards, you become more resistant to quitting.

Real bodybuilders don’t quit – they just get better with time.

Of course there will always be champions who came before us but that doesn’t mean that the newer generation doesn’t have a claim. Eventually, the “gang of champions” that we know now are going to retire (many of them already have) and new blood is needed to keep the cycle going.

Don’t think for a minute that you won’t have a place in bodybuilding. Your place has already been sealed the moment you committed to this sport! So don’t lose hope if you already have… Own those irons!

The King of All Exercises

The bench press is a core fundamental exercise for developing upper body strength. You’re not only working your chest, you are also working your anterior deltoids, triceps, and lats. It also improves strength, increases muscle size, improves athletic function, and improved general fitness.

It is an essential part of any routine and if you can increase your bench it will command the rest of your body to grow. I promise you. In fact, if you increase your bench press by 20 or 30 pounds in the next month or so… you’ll pack on at least 10 pounds of muscle. Maybe more.

If you are interested in building superior strength and in muscle in your upper body… then check out our good friends over at Critical Bench!


We hope you enjoyed the post on “Bodybuilding – Killer Motivation”. If you have any questions or feedback please write a comment below. We will continue with “Post-Workout Muscle Soreness” on our next post, coming soon.

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